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You Gotta Be

'You Gotta Be' according to Des'ree is, like all the songs on its parent album, 'about having the inner strength to figure out who you are' with 'You Gotta Be' specifically being 'born out of me stopping myself and thinking everyday how you gotta be something. You have to be cool and calm in [one] situation, and then you have to be bold and strong in another situation. Des'ree drew inspiration for 'You Gotta Be' from the Shakti Gawain book Creative Visualization which had abetted the singer's recovery from a painful romantic break-up; 'I've always been blindly optimistic, and that [book] helped me rise from my melancholia,' explains Des'ree who it is said 'swears by daily affirmations.'.

'You Gotta Be' is a song by British singer Des'ree. Written by the singer with the track's producer, Ashley Ingram, it was the first single release from her second album I Ain't Movin'.

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