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Redesigning the logo will refines and modernizes your old brand image and will increase the brand value of your business in the eyes of your existing or new customers.

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ReDesigned Logo

Logo redesign refers to the deliberate and strategic process of modifying or completely overhauling the visual elements of an existing logo. This initiative is undertaken by businesses or organizations with the objective of enhancing the logo's effectiveness, aligning it with evolving brand values, or addressing shifts in the market environment.

Logo redesign involves a careful evaluation of the current logo's design, symbolism, and overall impact. Businesses may opt for a redesign due to various reasons, such as rebranding efforts, changes in company focus, shifts in target audience preferences, or the need for a more contemporary and relevant visual identity.

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ReDesigned values of your business

It seems that your old logo doesn't show anymore the value of your business.
You have a logo that needs to be re-designed to have a fresh new look.

The process of redesigning a logo typically includes:

  • Analysis and Research: Understanding the reasons behind the redesign and conducting thorough research on market trends, competitor logos, and the target audience's preferences.

  • Concept Development: Brainstorming and creating new design concepts that align with the brand's goals, values, and positioning.

  • Design Iterations: Refining and iterating on the chosen concepts, considering factors like design, colors, typography, symbolism, and overall aesthetics.

  • Feedback and Revisions: Seeking feedback from stakeholders, clients, or focus groups, and making necessary revisions based on the received input.

  • Finalization: Choosing the most effective and resonant logo design, ensuring it aligns with the brand's identity and objectives.

  • Implementation: Rolling out the redesigned logo across various brand touchpoints, such as marketing materials, digital platforms, and physical spaces.

  • Logo redesign is a strategic decision that aims to strengthen a brand's visual identity, increase recognition, and stay relevant in a dynamic market. It requires a balance between preserving elements that hold brand equity and introducing fresh, modern elements to reflect the brand's evolution or changing market trends. When executed thoughtfully, logo redesign can contribute significantly to a brand's overall success and longevity.

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