A logo is the official identifying element of the brand for a company, business, product or economic entity, designed to create immediate recognition by the viewer.

What is a logo ?

A logo is a graphic element, symbol , or icon designed to represent a company, organization, product, service, etc.
The logo is the most powerful and visible symbol of your company's brand.

Individuality of a logo

Individuality and the uniqueness of a logo are necessary to avoid confusion in the marketplace among clients, suppliers, users, affiliates, and the general public. To the extent that a logo achieves this objective, it may function as a trademark, and may be used to uniquely identify businesses, organizations, events, products or services.

  • to be unique, and not subject to confusion with other logos among viewers.
  • represents the brand/company properly.
  • to remain effective whether reproduced small or large.
  • can work in "full-color", but also in two color presentation (black and white), spot color, or halftone.

Registration as a trademark

Once a logo is designed, one of the most useful means for protecting it is through registration as a trademark, so that no unauthorized third parties can use it, or interfere with the owner's use of it. If you register the logo, the symbol "R" must always accompany the logo.

The logo generally comprises of:

Symbol aka Emblem aka Trademark

The Emblem aka Symbol aka Trademark is the 'symbolic' component, an abstract depiction. The symbol is created to quickly establish a clear and unique representation for company, product or businesses.

Logotype aka Word Mark

Logotype aka Word Mark is the company, product or business name itself. The logotype generally is the company, product or business name. Various fonts can be used for logotype generally depending by business type. To keep the logo image impact, some fonts are restricted to be used only in the Logotype.

Slogan aka Tagline aka Motto

Slogan aka Tagline aka Motto - memorable short phrases description captures the essence of the brand. The slogan/motto generally can be used with logo design on any publication but there is no obligation to use it. The wording must not be modified in any way.

Effective visual style

The symbol, logotype and tagline can be used separately or not. The three elements can appear together or in some cases can be manipulated individually but not combined with other symbols, text, or lettering that can affect the generally your brand image.

When the logos are used properly with the other elements of the identification program, a unique and effective visual style is established. To ensure consistent and accurate reproduction, the logo should only be reproduced using master artwork.

Choosing a logo

You have different options upon choosing a logo design for your company or business. LOGOTION has one of the largest logo shop that offers you a tremendous number of different possibilities and also a portfolio that may serve as the starting point for your own unique custom designed logo. All logos are carefully crafted as individual pieces of art and aim to express the spirit and emotion of your company, business or corporate.

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We all know the importance of a strong identity in the modern economy therefore our aim is to offer clients a logo that truly places their company in the right domain or area of expertise and fully expresses the style and unique features of their product. As important as design, quality has always been the number one key in succeeding that is why LOGOTION uses only the latest design software and fully innovative ways to shape your ideas and personal style in one simple, perfect logo design.

The interaction between the client and the designer is one of the aspects that found the basis of our logos. Permanent feedback helps us create the logo you imagine. Therefore the quality of our logos, combined with the passion we invest in every one of them, offers your business a very important design asset.


Logos: Definition, Importance

Symbol, Logotype, Slogan

Design: Fonts and Colors

  • Ideas: - creative inspiration for logo design.
  • Fonts : - font ideas for logos
  • Colors: - color ideas used for designing logos

Logos Industry and Businesses

Get Design, Pricing, Buy

  • Get a logo design: Best looking logos for startups, businesses, companies, entrepreneurs and organizations.
  • Pricing : - Price List for Logo Design, Corporate Identity, Custom Made Design, Stationery Design, Web Design.
  • Buy Now: Buy online direct from our store, logos, custom identity design, stationery, website design and/or any custom design creation.

Logo References

  • Logo Designer : - The person who is part of the design department that deals with drawing logo.
  • Logo Maker : - Designer who draws the logo is the logo maker.
  • 3D Logo : - Drawn with depth and special design effects to create illusion of space and hologram.

Affordable References

  • Affordable Logo : - Affordable logo is that which is deemed affordable to those with a middle income.
  • Cheap Logo : - For those who have limited budget.

Quality References

  • Quality Logo : - Logos are made painstakingly and attention to detail.
  • Cool Logo : - Fresh, new, crisp, recent, this is cool.
  • Cool Text Logo : - Logo is the company, product or business name itself. Designed to be cool. :)

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