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Green, Green Grass of Home

A man returns to his childhood home; it seems that this is his first visit home since leaving in his youth. When he steps down from the train, his parents are there to greet him, and his beloved, Mary, comes running to join them. All is welcome and peace; all come to meet him with 'arms reaching, smiling sweetly.' With Mary the man strolls at ease among the monuments of his childhood, including 'the old oak tree that I used to play on.' It is 'good to touch the green, green grass of home.' Yet the music and the words are full of foreshadowing, strongly suggestive of mourning.

'Green, Green Grass of Home', written by Claude 'Curly' Putman, Jr. and first recorded by singer Johnny Darrell, is a country song originally made popular by Porter Wagoner in 1965, when it reached No. 4 on the country chart.

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