Corporate Identity

Businesses Most Complete Brand Image. Corporate identity is the most valuable asset, most powerful visual communication that a business has.

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Corporate identity consists of logo, brand identity manual, website, stationery, printables, dedicated graphic elements.

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Corporate identity

We provide effective corporate identity solutions and make striking designs for a wide range of companies and organisations. Based on our experience, value-creating capabilities, our creative team understands and develops your brand new image as good as they can be.

Success of a brand

The success of a brand depends on how it is perceived and experienced by its customers and those who represent it. Whenever a company communicates with its many audiences, it's an opportunity to make a good impression. First impressions often are the basis for people's long-lasting attitudes and opinions. Those opinions influence actions.

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Consistent application of the identity

It is therefore critical that systematic, consistent application of the identity be a prime consideration in the implementation of any visual identity system. Consistent application is how an organisation’s external audiences become familiar with its identity.

Great awareness of a successful business

As companies position themselves for growth, visibility of your company presence and performance in the marketplace becomes increasingly important. A strong corporate identity is the central unifying point of a successful business.

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Why a Brand New, Memorable Corporate Identity?

Researches confirm that a clear and consistent identity helps build and maintain reputation. Regularly reinforced corporate symbols can convey and reinforce the strengths of an organisation. It must be carefully developed and accurately managed in order to achieve maximum impact. It reflects company philosophy and stature within its market.

Consistent identity,
importance and what it can do for you

Businesses identify themselves. Corporate identity can unite the corporation, its divisions and subsidiaries, providing a uniform symbol wherever visual identification occurs, the quality and professionalism that company has come to represent.

Creating and developing your brand

By creating and developing your brand carefully, it can become a major asset and you should never underestimate its importance and what it can do for you. It makes a company recognizable, to the outside world and also to its own employees. Moreover, consistent use of a company visual identity increases efficiency and reduces costs.

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An important strategic tool

An identity program is much more than the format and use of a company symbol, such as a logo or a wordmark. A comprehensive visual identity system is a structure for communicating and presenting information logically, clearly, and with distinction. Every physical representation of an organisation’s image from letter or fax sheet to advertisement, name tag, brochure, or sign, creates an opportunity to add to the brand identity of the organisation as a whole.

Everybody plays an important role

Every company member plays an important role in bringing this cohesive new identity to life and in maintaining its integrity by applying it consistently throughout all company communications, including in print, web, display, broadcast, and electronic formats. Correct usage of the corporate identity keeps its trademark position legally strong and creates long-term value to your company. Its value will increase if it is used properly and consistently in identifying the company.

Corporate identity implementation

A corporate identity is only as good as its implementation. All employees are responsible for using the company’s brand image and company’s product trademarks correctly, managing accurate use by the suppliers they retain and encouraging awareness of this useful reference tool throughout the company. As a result of how the information is perceived, each communication either strengthens or weakens each company's public image. It's up to everyone.

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