Logo Importance

The logo is the most powerful and visible symbol of your company's brand.

Logo is the identifying element of the brand for a company, business, product or economic entity, designed to create immediate recognition by the viewer. Individuality and the uniqueness of a logo are necessary to avoid confusion in the marketplace among clients, suppliers, users, affiliates, and the general public.

The logo importance by several companies:


To enable us to safeguard the value of our corporate brand and use it to achieve success in worldwide competition, discipline and consistency are required in a few key elements:


Because the 3M logo is one of our most valuable and recognized assets, it must be used with care.
Consistency in all our communications will help build customer loyalty to 3M and our brands and can have an impact on achieving our key objectives – sustained, profitable growth.


The consistent application of the BMW communication principles is the only way to establish a clear identity. It is the only thing that makes BMW as a company stand apart.


Our signature is the most prominent expression of the FedEx identity. The purpose of a consistent identity presentation is to deliver to the public a specific and positive impression of FedEx through the communication vehicles generated by the company every year, and to protect the strength of the identity.


It is critical that you be in your customer's face with a consistent and coordinated expression of identity. Every point of contact (not just advertising and promotion) must be on-brand, and every individual within the organization should be charged with the responsibility of knowing exactly what that means.

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