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Sketch Draw the logo sketch.
Send Scan or photo and send it to us.
Get Brand new logo professionally designed.

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Logo from Sketch

Logo design from Sketch is the concept of collaborative logo design where the initial sketch is provided by you, and the refinement and final design are accomplished by us. This collaborative approach is effective, combining your vision and ideas with our skilled design expertise. Please feel free to share any sketches, drawings, or even written descriptions that you think capture the spirit of what you envision for your logo. These can include specific symbols, elements, or any other visual cues that hold significance for your brand.

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1. Sketch the logo

Sketch the logo, as you want it to look like.
Draw it with a pencil on a sheet of paper.
It's that easy.

  • The logo : clarify the purpose of the logo and the identity it should convey. Understand the values, mission, and unique selling points of the brand for which you're creating the logo.
  • Inspiration : start by gathering inspiration for your logo design. Check out here: Logos, Colors, Fonts that resonate with your vision for the logo. This will serve as a foundation for design process.
  • Design Your Sketch : begin by sketching rough ideas and concepts for the logo. Focus on capturing key elements that represent the brand. Consider the use of symbols, typography, and any specific imagery.
  • Refine Your Sketch : review your initial sketches and identify elements that stand out. Refine the sketch, emphasizing the most important features and ensuring a balanced composition.

2. Photo, scan the sketch.

Make a photo or scan the sketched logo and send us the image. You can take pictures with your phone or tablet camera.
Digitally sketch directly. Or, you can draw the sketch directly on your computer or tablet. Use any program that helps to draw. Save the image or make a print screen and email us the sketch.

3. Send us the sketch and the brief description.

We will design the logo. Professionally. Based on sketched logo and all the brief details about how you want to look your logo, our designers will create a professional logo, transforming your sketch in a perfect designed logo.

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Step-by-Step Guide: Designing Logos from Your Sketch

1: Collaborative Briefing

Engage in a collaborative brainstorming to uncover the essence of your brand. Share insights into your values, vision, and any initial ideas you may have for the logo.

2: Share Your Sketch

We invite you to share any sketches or visual concepts you've envisioned for your logo. Even a simple sketch serves as a valuable foundation for our design process.

3: Thorough Analysis

Upon receiving your sketch, our design team will meticulously analyze and extract key elements. This step forms the basis for translating your concept into a digital format.

4: Digital Transformation

Utilizing advanced graphic design software, we'll expertly translate your sketch into a polished digital format. This ensures a clean and scalable representation while preserving the essence of your original concept.

5: Conceptual Expansion

Building on your digitalized sketch, we'll explore various design concepts. This phase involves experimenting with layouts, color schemes, and typography to enhance visual appeal and align the design with your unique brand identity.

6: Your Feedback Matters

We'll present the initial design concepts for your review and feedback. Your insights are crucial in shaping the direction of the design. We encourage open communication for an iterative and collaborative refinement process.

7: Finalization of Your Design

Once a preferred concept is identified through collaboration, we'll finalize the design. Every detail will be meticulously polished to ensure a cohesive and impactful logo that reflects your brand identity.

8: Preparation of Logo Files

We'll prepare the final logo files in various formats, including vector formats (AI, EPS) for scalability and high-resolution formats (PNG, JPEG) for practical application. All files will be organized and labeled for your convenience.

9: Optional Brand Guidelines

If desired, we can create comprehensive brand guidelines providing instructions on logo usage, color codes, and typography. This step contributes to maintaining consistency in your brand's visual identity.

10: Delivery of Your Logo

The finalized logo files will be delivered to you promptly. Clear instructions on usage across different platforms will be provided, ensuring you have all the necessary resources for seamless integration.

11: Feedback and Iteration (Optional)

We encourage you to gather feedback from stakeholders or customers. If needed, we are open to making additional iterations to ensure the logo aligns perfectly with your evolving brand needs.

12: Ongoing Support

Our commitment doesn't end with the delivery. If you ever require tweaks, adjustments, or additional design support, we are just a message away. Let's continue this creative journey together.

This guide is designed to make the logo design process transparent, collaborative, and tailored to your specific vision for your brand.

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